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HUSU MBBR Project Case in LOWA,USA.

MBBR Filter Media Project Case in LOWA,USA.1000-1500m3  Industrial Sewage Treatment-, Municipal,Power,Pharmaceutical ,Chemical,Electroplating,Metallurgy,Machiery,Papermaking,Pringting and Dyeing,Medicine,Food Processing,Aquaculture
HUSU has cooperated with "WATER" for our first demonstration project in North America on August,2015.( Aquaculture filter media) The design is AAO sewage treatment process.

Principal Technology:

Inflow → Anaerobic MBBR tank → Anoxic MBBR tank → Oxic MBBR tank → Clarifier → Effluent

HUSU has negotiated with the U.S. side from design, drawing, process discussion, MBBR packing selection, packing test and so on for three months. Then supply our bio filter media model Y3 1000-1500 cubic meters continuously. Of course HUSU media also been called "kaldnes k1 k2 k3 bio filter media".